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Founder of Lend A Hope

I enjoy taking up different initiatives to bring about change or just to gain an insight into the world beyond the bubble I have lived in. I began my journey to help my community when I was just 12 and since then I have worked with Non-Profits on projects such as literacy, substance abuse, building a senior citizen helpline, and spreading awareness on domestic violence. Working on these projects hiked my interest in building my own Non-Profit. My vision for this nonprofit is to bring love and positivity to our community in an effort to improve my community's mental wellbeing. Check out my blogs!


Vice President

Hi, my name is Aanchal Chadda and I am a junior at Eastlake High School! I’ve been at Lend a Hope since my sophomore year and have enjoyed every second of it! I’m an extremely curious person, so I always like to broaden my perspectives by engaging with people who have different values. Being an active member of my community is extremely important to me because for me, giving back is fulfilling for everyone involved. With Lend a Hope, I able to make my impact through spreading awareness on issues concerning mental health, the environment, and financial literacy! Outside of Lend a Hope, I’m an active member & officer in DECA, a founder of The Nurture Foundation, and a volunteer at the YMCA! Check out the recent blogs and podcasts I’ll be making for Lend a Hope!




Hi I am Anitez Gautam, a Senior at Lynbrook High School. My passion for music is everlasting, and I hope to bring about change by sharing my music with the world. As the President my vision is to lend a hope through involving my community in activities by hosting classes and events to increase awareness on social issues.



Director of Public Relations

Hi, my name is Aarushi Sahu, and I am a sophomore at Prospect High School. I am an avid field hockey fan and enjoy playing the piano. I love volunteering at my local library and knowing that I make a positive impact for my community. As secretary, I intend to pitch in my wild ideas to help plan workshops and assist the team in every way possible.

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Director of Research

Hi, I am Aarna Sahu, a sixth-grader at Easterbrook Discovery in California. The fervor that I have for writing is impeccable. I am passionate about helping our society, become a better place for others and for ourselves. I currently go to volunteering areas in my community and I am in Girl Scouts. These projects have opened up my eyes to look at the community for how it is. As a Blog Writer, I intend to tell the community about how serious topics really affect our community in several aspects.


Director of Activities

Hi, my name is Renusree Chittella and I am currently a senior at Eastlake High School. From a young age, I loved to get involved with those around me and since then I have worked to give back to my community as much as I can. From volunteering with my parents at our local temple to tutoring students in various subjects in STEM my passion for helping and educating only escalated. I joined Lend A Hope to broaden my passion for helping as well as advocating for mental health. In my free time, I love to research psychology and understand why we behave the way we do which stimulated my interest and advocacy for mental health. I hope that as a Director of Activities for Lend A Hope, I can use my skills to plan fun and engaging activities to give back to our community as well as increase awareness for mental health through these activities.



We are accepting applications for:​​​

  • ​Project Leaders

  • Workshop Teachers​

  • Campaign Artists

Voluntieering Group
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