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Here For You

Here For You is a mental health podcast hosted by Aanchal Chadda that aims to provide tips to jazz up your day and engage in thoughtful discussion about mental health.



"I love this episode (ep3) so much thank you!!! The way you described limiting beliefs was AMAZING and really helped me dig deep into the sh*t show of my own life! And your voice is so soothing if there was a hypnosis tape of you talking I would buy it!!" 
- Irene Sayle

"Big hugs! This is so good"
"I love how you share these messages!"
- Haley Hoffman Smith

"I listened to the first 15 minutes and I'm hooked like it's funny and relatable and honestly you're right laughing at yourself and not taking it to heart is the way to go. I relate 100% to your experiences jeez like every presentation ever THATS ME"
- Medhini Kapa

"I was able to resonate a lot with them and especially with college app season here the most recent episode was definitely a much-needed boost in mentality. You're such a great host always making it real and fun to listen to so really all I got to say is amazing work!! I look forward to more episodes"
- Brian Conde Martinez

"I'm a very self-deprecating person partially because I'm afraid of sounding arrogant, but also because I just don't have a very positive view of myself but what you said did help tbh and I'm going to start working on it"
- Arushi Nukala

"The info was so good! I used subconscious affirmations through the app you mentioned and I used a YouTube video to quit smoking. I smoked for years and it was so easy to quit after reprogramming my subconscious mind! I have also used efts for a few years, but forgot about them until hearing you. Thank you : ). You are doing a fantastic job!"
- Jason Rayser

"This was such an amazing podcast and I LOVED IT. The part about fear being a subconscious way to keep ourselves from getting hurt resonated with me so much! That is something that I really struggle with and it helped SO MUCH to hear you discuss that."
- Arushi Ranasaria

"Podcasts really aren't my thing and like it looked so interesting and I'm so glad I gave this podcast a shot!! I  LOVED how you talked about getting rid of limiting beliefs in order to truly attract what you deserve and want. Can't wait for the next episode!"
- Connor Cheng

"Just gave it a listen to give myself a quick break and that was SO good!!! definitely gave me a new strategy to approach negativity in my life and your voice was so so so soothing."
- Alfonso Gordinez

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