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3 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Everyday Items

When we check out our local news station, many of us are devastated by how our nonrenewable resources are slowly withering away. No fear! Check out 4 eco-friendly alternatives you can use to create an even more sustainable lifestyle! Some of these alternatives are ones you may have heard of, but others may be quite eye-opening so watch out!

Reusable straws

About how many times have we seen straws that contribute to the

everlasting barrel of waste that is all plastic? Plastic is notoriously known for causing massive amounts of waste in all areas. From injuring animals to harming the ocean environment, it is clear that human dependency on plastic has been a large contributor in polluting the environment.

No fear! We can still partake in preventing such pollution by eliminating the presence of plastic in our everyday lives. One extremely effective and obvious way to combat plastic use is to use reusable straws. Utilizing plastic straws at places like coffee shops, restaurants, theme parks, and shake shacks is the norm. However, we can change that by purchasing a reusable straw. Together, we can create positive change by refusing to incorporate plastic into our routines no matter where we go. Carry these straws with the cases that are provided upon purchase. You can find a variety of straws and choose at your leisure on stores like Amazon, to see what fits your budget and tastes best!

Reusable Water Bottles

This may correlate with the above alternative and is used quite frequently,

but I still want to include this alternative because I still see so many plastic water bottles being used everyday! According to Independent magazine, 91% of water bottles used end up in the landfill daily, and you bet a plastic bottles contribute to that! This alternative is quite self explanatory: reusable water bottles. They don’t end up piling up on our already overflowing landfills!

Hydro flasks seem to be a wonderful alternative, as the water bottle uses vacuum insulated technology and food grade stainless steel technology for maximum results, keeping your drinks as cool or as hot as you would like them to be, no matter where you are! Hydro flasks are made with insulated caps, lightweight technology, and more! If you are captivated by what this company offers with just water bottles, don’t worry, there’s more! Over a hundred products are offered, gearing towards these 4 categories: hydration, coffee, beer, and food; all ensuring that whatever you devour remains just like you want it, no matter where you are! And yes, if you were wondering, all of the Hydro flask products remain eco-friendly! Though some may say their products are on the pricier side, we think this is a steal since products are extremely durable, of good quality, and most importantly, sustainable!

If not hydro flasks, a more viable option would be glass water bottles. Not only are they inexpensive, but once you are done using them, glass can be recycled indefinitely. Glass is also chemical free so you don’t need to worry about BPA, PVC or other chemical issues.

Water saving shower-heads

This might come as a surprise to some, but government data proves that shower heads that provide a lower flow and spray water droplets save water by around 50%, which means that YOUR water bill can be reduced by around $145 yearly! We think that’s quite a steal, considering that you get to tackle to major issues, and directly receive an even greater benefit from being sustainable! Companies like Niagra and Nebia offer things like shower heads to complete shower systems, all at different budgets which makes water-saving products more accessible! Nebia for example uses 75% less water to shoot out spraying water, using a pressure compensation technology to guarantee a normal flow rate, no matter the water pressure!

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