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Lend A Vote

As the Coronavirus circles our community, it's time to think: who's going to help our nation stay secure? To answer your question, the annual 2020 U.S. Presidential Election on November 3, 2020. Especially during a time like this, voting vitally matters in any way imaginable! Your judgment matters. During these unforeseeable occurrences from this past year, it is paramount that you vote during the annual 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, but not for your country's welfare, but your well-being. Check out the rest of this blog to see how you can support your country's benefit and your well-being.

Whatever we see, it's been 'touched' by the government. Whether it be the roads, taxes, medications, cost of textbooks, and laws, these are some examples of matters touched by the government. While these meager matters don't immediately impact individual selves, they influence the social environment we find ourselves in, subsequently influencing our health status. The impacts of voting and political decisions touch nearly every facet of daily life, from safety to housing, to education, and even our health. Since we rely on government decisions tremendously, it would make sense to take your chance to make an impact with your voice. Plus, many people in the United States of America cannot vote due to citizenship or other voting disadvantages. You can use your judgment to help those who don't have the opportunity to choose between the congressional parties.

Since voting is a democratic right that allows each citizen to influence how future governments address issues important to their community, how does one's ballot casting offer benefits to their well-being and health? The Department of Politics at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville proved that this is a resource that lightens distress. The glum mental health consequences associated with the disadvantaged social status by not taking political participation versus those who were active in their political priorities. Additionally, people being politically active offered individuals a sense of empowerment. These people took their best chances to take their 'fate' in their hands.

Also, there have been reports of political activism linked to happiness. A study from the University of Göttingen in Germany, and Prof, suggested that there may be a link between political activism and various measures of contentment. Based on their research, they concluded that political activism is associated with different forms of subjective happiness and social well-being. The results of their analytics suggested that activists are more likely to experience the satisfaction of basic psychological needs, an indicator of more frequent experiences of intrinsic motivation. Also, the data showed that significantly larger percentages of activists met preexisting criteria for progression than did those less engaged in activism. The people noticed that the students who were involved in an activist behavior reported “significantly higher levels of subjective vitality” than their peers who were a nonactivist.

Participation in civic life is one way to improve social well-being. Feelings of connection and belonging change the way individuals interact with the world around them. As with every election, the people have the power to determine the values of our society. That impacts nearly every facet of our day-to-day lives, regardless of how visible they are. No matter what this support looks like, whether a health policy or otherwise, the people have the power to facilitate not only their health but the determinants around them that can shape it. That is the foundation of a healthy democracy.

Although not everyone may experience positive mental health effects from civic engagement, having a sense of social responsibility can help people take more control of their own lives and help bring communities closer together. If you were to take one piece of knowledge from this blog, it would be that the politics and policies influence systems, and the systems influence people, giving us our power to change our judgment in our community and nation.

Thus, as the Coronavirus orbits us, you can take the initiative to strengthen your country's welfare and your well-being. Your decision matters. Especially when you have the opportunity when others in our country don't have, you can use your voice to help them too. Therefore, you can impact yourself, community, and nation by solely voting for your right-fit.


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