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Senior Citizen Helpline Project

This post was originally written by 15 year old me on August 21st 2016 in my journal

In my visit to India this summer, I decided to create a helpline for all the senior citizens in the community. I wanted to make a helpline to take care of the elderly's who live alone, so every now and then people can call in and check on them. The Senior Citizen Committee also wanted to create a pool of people based on professions such as doctors and lawyers. While people already knew most of the people in their community it wasn’t in an arranged manner. I went door to door collecting data regarding medical needs, number of family members, previous occupations, etc. I enjoyed meeting all the wise elderly people and learning about their pasts, every now and then they would go off topic to share stories from their life. I got a perception of all occupations ranging from police officers to doctors. The point of the helpine was to connect all the people in the community, so that every now and then people could go around knocking on each others doors to make sure everyone's days been going fine. I was able to get more than 100 people to be a part of the project. However, after I presented all the data the project was declined by the community due to a lack of resources. The database still exists, and the senior citizen committee can refer back to it if they want to resume the project.

I was let down so I offered to create a website to help connect them with their children who lived abroad. I created the website in hopes that the children would access it and be aware of the events taking place in their parents community. They would be able to motivate their parents to get out of the house every now and then to attend events and socialize.

Note: the website is currently being relocated to a free domain due to funding issues.

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