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The Unpropitious Effect of the Coronavirus

During this pandemic, many people have been peer-pressured to hoard essentials. Throughout this course, people have been stocking up on arbitrary items. From purchasing toilet paper to buying puzzles, people have spent their money on supplies hoping for a way to be quarantined without leaving to go to the grocery store. By acquiring many essentials, this way of stocking up has produced a chain-reaction where many people bogart the materials to themselves.

Coupled with people hogging materials, many customers are threatening, harassing, and lecturing the cashiers. Mad shoppers tend to criticize the workers in grocery stores because of the short supply in certain materials. Customers also attack other customers because of the limited amount of supplies in stores. Additionally, people are stressing out because of posts on social media. By doing so, a countless number of people are emphasizing the fraudulent fabrications on these social platforms.

A way to help others is by simply asking elderly neighbors for any supplies that would be needed in their homes. By asking elderly neighbors, you might be saving their lives. The effects of Coronavirus can be more lethal to the elderly than adolescents. Another way to help others is to stop spreading false rumors of forgery remedies to the Coronavirus. Last week, an old couple was hospitalized for overdosing on medicines they consumed as preventative measures for the virus.

We hope that you are in a safe place, protected by this unfortunate virus.

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